45 Unanswered Questions about the Apple Watch

Since the Apple Watch announcement it’s clear there are more questions than answers when it comes to the specifics of the device itself, the software, developing apps, and how it will be sold. I decided to jot down some of the questions there don’t seem to be answers for yet.

1. How often will the screen turn on when I don’t want it to?

2. Does it have a power button?

3. How long does it take to fully charge?

4. How do I know how much charge it has?

5. Is heart rate monitoring continuous or only when you are using a health/exercise app?

6. Will it conserve more energy the lower the charge gets to help get through the day?

7. What will be covered in the warranty?

8. How water resistant is water resistant really?

9. Will all of the bands be the same price?

10. Do the two sizes have the same logical size in points?

11. If initial setup requires iPhone will the software be baked into iOS 8 update? Or separate app that will be downloaded?

12. Will the Watch OS be a discrete OS with it’s own versioning?

13. How does it handle OS software updates?

14. Will WatchKit introduce it’s own APIs or use existing iOS APIs?

15. Will WatchKit require a watch app be part of an iPhone app?

16. Will Glance only apps be possible?

17. How will you find Apple Watch apps? New section in App Store on iPhone?

18. How does it handle watch app updates and release notes?

19. How much internal storage is available to apps and their data?

20. Will watch apps have full network access all the time?

21. Is Forcetouch UI single function per screen?

22. Can it pair with iPad instead of iPhone?

23. Can it pair with iPod touch?

24. Can it pair with a Mac?

25. Will it work with iBeacons?

26. Will other fitness sensors be able to communicate with it?

27. Can it interact with a nearby Apple Watch directly?

28. How will it handle interference at crowded places like stadiums or WWDC?

29. Does it backup to iCloud for when you buy a new one?

30. What happens if you lose it? Can you remote wipe it?

31. Is there a sleep mode if I don’t want to take it off before bed?

32. What happens if you click a link in a tweet or email?

33. Will emails be plain text only?

34. Do general push notifications from my phone show up? Or only those with apps on the watch.

35. How will using it affect your iMessage online/away status?

36. If I have a Bluetooth headset, does it pair with the phone or the watch?

37. How do I tell it to play music on my iPhone headphones versus play via its speaker?

38. How do you know if a contact has their Watch on?

39. How do you load music onto it?

40. Will it encourage people to learn Morse code to tap out messages 🙂

41. What part of the year will become its refresh cycle?

42. Will new generations be introduced before or after new iPhones?

43. How will the Apple stores be setup to allow people to try them on?

44. Will the retail packaging have a strap included? Or will it be the first Apple product to ship in two discrete boxes.

45. Will there be “Works with Apple Watch” bands made by third parties?

Thanks to Mike Demers, Alex Hofsteede, David Kasper, Mark Dodwell, and Mike Gowen.