Leaving Justin.tv to found a company – Yobongo

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”Walt Disney

Today will be my last day with Justin.tv as I am leaving to found a company called Yobongo with my great friend David Kasper.

Over the past year at Justin.tv we have accomplished a great deal — we re-imagined how web broadcasting should work, resulting in a 700% increase in conversion rate, redesigned our front page to increase the number of broadcasters on the site and more clearly position the site as a place to create and share live video, and most recently we’ve launched the best mobile broadcasting applications on Android and iPhone to millions of downloads. Justin.tv is thriving and has amazing products in the pipeline with uber-talented people tackling immensely challenging technical and user experience problems. The decision to leave was not easy, but we believe Yobongo is something special.

I have started many web projects in my life from Toluu, a simple way to share what you read, to Kallow which makes buying electronics comprehensible for regular people, to KickPost which is the fastest technology news aggregator. All of these have informed how I think about product — the critical importance of simplicity and focus of purpose. However, these ideas are small. They either serve a niche, in the case of Toluu, or are inherently not web scale businesses, in the case of Kallow. Yobongo is different.

It is clear to us that there will emerge new ways to communicate as a result of the proliferation of always connected location aware mobile devices. We have not seen anything truly new created yet, imagined from the ground up, that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of these new mobile devices. We believe Yobongo will be a new way to communicate and share with people nearby from your mobile device.

We are incredibly pumped to be building this product and company. Over the coming months we will be sharing more and more of our vision and shipping product. We are already hard at work.

If you are interested in learning more or want to join us in building Yobongo follow us on Twitter @Yobongo.

Here we go!