Hello World

So I now have a blog. I knew the day would eventually come, I have simply always told myself I am too busy to blog. I finally decided that excuse was lame, there is always time in the day, you just have to make room and prioritize.

There are lots of little ideas floating around in my head that I love talking to friends about, but never really get to flesh out or share with more people and get their opinons or thoughts on the matter. I am not going to post the same regurgitated news you can find in other places. I am not going to be breaking news here. There are many more talented people than I at that. I hope to combine my deep passion for technology and business strategy  to provide a unique assesment of trends or ideas that I can’t get out of my head for some reason.

This is not a lowest common demoniator blog. I won’t be posting about gossip or trying to piss people off. It also won’t be about my lunch. It will be about ideas.

Here we go!